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January 25, 2015

The single-family residential building is situated in a property located on the outskirts of the town of Suvorovo. The inner and outer appearance of the house is inspired by the universal ideas of childhood, the stability of the family and its immovability. This is recognized in the best way through classical architecture.

The approximately flat terrain of the property provided a prerequisite for the design of the building in a classic style, with a strict symmetry and an underlined geometric shape. A paraded entrance typical for this style and a central staircase are also featured.

The house is designed on two levels, the second floor is designed as an attic, in order to view the building as one-storey. The French balconies on the second floor and the high-pitched zinc roof titanium roof further emphasize the romantic vision, the warmth, coziness and tranquility of the house.

Residential house - Suvorovo town: Recent Projects
Residential house - Suvorovo town: Welcome
Residential house - Suvorovo town: Welcome
Residential house - Suvorovo town: Welcome
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