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December 14, 2021

Historical reference

On September 6, 1904, the school officially opened its doors under the name: "Commercial Practical School - Varna" at the Varna Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is housed in a private building. The first director of the school was Tsani Kalyandjiev (until September 15, 1924). The school started its operation with 65 students, divided into two classes with a three-year course of study.

May 2003 - Technical School of Economics "G. S. Rakovski ”was renamed to Varna Trade High School“ G. S. Rakovski ”.

A building with a history, built with the voluntary efforts of the citizens of the city and with the benevolence of His Majesty the Tzar, the school to be named after His Majesty Crown Prince Simeon Tarnovski. Subsequently interrupted by the father of the Bulgarian National Liberation Movement Georgi Stoykov Rakovski. Varna Trade High School is situated at a checkpoint in the city center. Over the years, the building has undergone various expansions, renovations and renovations. At the moment it is completely renovated and restored to its original appearance.

We, as "architects", are obliged to bring to the virtues of our ancestors and are especially responsible for the future development of the urban environment and the preservation of our cultural and historical heritage. We are obliged to study, understand and preserve them by applying them in the buildings we design. With the arrival of the new building of the school building, the school plans its future development. Development towards a modern and innovative direction, carrying the spirit of history.

Varna Trade High School: Recent Projects
Varna Trade High School: Welcome
Varna Trade High School: Welcome
Varna Trade High School: Welcome
Varna Trade High School: Welcome
Varna Trade High School: Welcome
Varna Trade High School: Welcome
Varna Trade High School: Welcome
Varna Trade High School: Welcome
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