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March 10, 2022


The new building demonstrates a modern and sustainable attitude towards public spaces and residential design and radiates a sense of coziness and comfort. The development is developed with: - quality public service; - adaptive environment of the common parts; - convenient functioning of the public and residential part; -attractive place and a good alternative for the free time of its inhabitants; - successfully integrated part of the urban environment while at the same time offering a recognizable architectural image;


The area under development is locked between the streets of Khan Sevar Street and the residential area. "Youth". The main spatial accents in the region are the prefabricated apartment blocks from the west and the relatively new residential buildings from the east, which with their definite silhouette and specific materials dominate the surrounding space.


The place is extremely communicative, located in one of the busiest areas of the Mladost district and is intersected by several development zones. In the immediate vicinity of the property are the buildings of: Mladost Home, Mladost Ice Rink, Sanita Medical Center, Lidl and other large commercial and public sites. Within walking distance to the plot are: skate park "Mladost", football fields "Mladost", market "Mladost" and others.


The climate is maritime, relatively mild throughout the semester. - average January temperature: 1,7 ° С - average July: 22.8 ° С - average annual: 12.2 ° C Average annual rainfall 498 mm, with a maximum in June and November and a minimum in February. The longest sunshine in Varna is observed in July and August - 331 hours and 313 hours, respectively. In the vicinity of the city the climate is suitable for growing Mediterranean plant species.The Frangen plateau, located north of Varna, with the highest point 356 m, protects the city from strong northern and northeastern winds in winter. Usually from May to October the air temperature is from 18 to 31 ° С, and during the period from July to August it is on average 22.8 degrees. In summer the temperature of the sea water is about 20 ° С and on the hottest days the sand can be heated up to 60 °С. The prevailing winds in winter are from the northwest and north, and in summer - from the northwest, east and northeast. The proximity to the sea creates a local circulation of the ground layer of air - breeze circulation. During the day in the ground layers the wind blows from the sea to the land, and at night the opposite - from the land to the sea.


The area of ​​underground construction coincides with the boundaries of the plot in its southern part. The maximum built-up area on one underground level is 2,475 sq.m.  The area in which the above-ground construction can be located is 11 meters away from the western, 3 meters from the southern and 7 meters from the eastern property border. BUILDING AREAS Ground floor: maximum built-up area 1,250 sq.m. Maximum unfolded built-up area of ​​the above-ground floors (including the ground floor): 12600 sq.m. The height of the unfolded built-up area is distributed within the permissible range for above-ground construction, developed with the spatial study. The survey shows the maximum virtual volume, which stems from the need to comply with regulatory requirements related to shading of residential buildings in the neighborhood. The volume of the project proposal does not go beyond the specified scope of construction.


The goal is for the new building to be low energy. This means that the energy used for its operation must meet modern high-efficiency standards. There are city installations in the area, offering central heating. However, to achieve low energy standards, the designer can offer alternative ways of obtaining energy. These methods can be assessed depending on the cost / effectiveness ratio. To achieve good energy parameters to use all means of architectural design - the building envelope and its layout, are a prerequisite for minimizing heat loss. The right proportion between glazing and solid parts is important for both good architecture and energy savings. Take into account the presence of natural ventilation and compliance with local climatic conditions.


The materials used are selected according to their aesthetic and economic efficiency and durability. For materials to be cost-effective, they must be resistant to local climatic conditions. This would ensure their longevity. Varna is a city with high humidity and constant breeze. The amplitude between summer and winter temperatures is large. As buildings of this scale remain in the urban environment for a long time, the materials used must be of good quality and age well. Exterior materials must be easy to replace in the event of damage during operation.


The mixed-use building consists of two main functional types of use - for public services and housing. The public service is situated in the whole area of ​​the first two above-ground floors and partially in the next floors, until the required percentage is reached. 

On the first above-ground level the following public service facilities have been designed: grocery store, restaurant / cafe, industrial goods store with about 150 sq.m. and a pharmacy with an area of ​​about 100 square meters. On the second above-ground level they have designed a gym with a spa area and a recreation center. 

On the other above-ground floors in the parts of the facade with entirely northern exposure, offices and warehouses for use by the dwellings are being designed. The possibility of the flat roofs of the building to be landscaped is provided. In the first residential floors are designed one-bedroom apartments with an approximate built-up area of ​​50 to 60 sq.m. In the higher residential floors there are a small number of two-bedroom apartments with an approximate built-up area of ​​90 to 120 sq.m. without common parts. On the top floor there are two apartments with an approximate area of ​​120 square meters, located in the north wing of the building and one apartment with an approximate area of ​​250 square meters, located in the south wing of the building. These apartments should be with private or limited access.

Parking is provided by allocating the maximum number of parking spaces within the property and through two underground floors, which can be accessed through car ramps.

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