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August 20, 2020

Just imagine…

You, there. At the center of your life. Awakened by the forest sunrises. Taken away by the city sunsets. Smiling at the shared greetings. Touched by friendly glances. Imagine the colorful collage of streets, the crowd - the energy of the city and you... the calm type lying blissfully by his own beach.

Just imagine staring at the street lamps with the dancing butterflies. Imagine a dream you never want to wake up from. Imagine more ... and the sky, and the stars, love. Imagine the children and the games running after the gentle signals of the fireflies in the woods. Imagine the future. Imagine living in comfort until the rest of your days, and the coziness in this idea of ​​yours will vibrate cleanly, without agony.

We created a space called…


Harmony are multi-family residential buildings situated in the historic center of Razgrad, near the main pedestrian axis of the city center. The property has a large area and is located in a park environment in a quiet place with large displacement. The site is located near the emblematic for the city hotel "Razgrad". The buildings are freely built up and are situated along the length of the property. Leading in the construction of the architectural solution is the creation of modern residential buildings with a definite and sustainable design that will fit and harmonize with the environment and existing architecture.

The volumetric structure of the buildings consists of five above-ground floors with a complex amorphous shape as a result of the urban survey of the sun. The definite vertical solid elements on the facades follow the logic of the existing emblematic architecture.

The raster of the facades continues the principle of the functional plannig of the floors and at the same time creates a monumentally dynamic facade plastic. The glazing of the building has high vertical openings with a rich influx of light which provide a view of the city center and the surrounding park space.

The urban planning parameters are not decisive in the design of the architectural composition, due to the fact that maximum construction is not out goal. Underground and above-ground parking is provided in the complex. All above-ground floors have a residential function. The apartments are designed with large, bright spaces, thus creating comfort of living. The planned distributions of the residential floors are standard, which ensures rationality and sustainability of the technical installations of the buildings. On each floor there are five apartments per floor with an area of ​​60 to 130 sq.m. For each apartment there is a parking space or a garage with an adjoining storage room. Individual air-to-water heat pump systems have been installed, which produce hot water for heating in winter, cold water for cooling in summer and hot water for domestic use throughout the year.

Harmony - residential complex: Recent Projects
Harmony - residential complex: Welcome
Harmony - residential complex: Welcome
Harmony - residential complex: Welcome
Harmony - residential complex: Welcome
Harmony - residential complex: Welcome
Harmony - residential complex: Welcome
Harmony - residential complex: Welcome
Harmony - residential complex: Welcome
Harmony - residential complex: Welcome
Harmony - residential complex: Welcome
Harmony - residential complex: Welcome
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