February 10, 2020

The project allows for effective functionality of all aspects of the building, including accessasability, safety, adaptability, sensory irritation and durability. We have achieved a simbiosys between the existing natural vegetation and the new building by preserving almost all existing trees.

By using natural materials and neutral colors we aim to create a sense of comfort and durability. The clearly structured volumetric shapes are underlined by the combination of numerous modern materials, which allow the building to have a higher energy efficiency level.

The project and the situation of the buildings is driven by our goal to safeguard as much of the existing natural foliage as possible. There are two specific groups of trees that we want to preserve, which are situated in the northwwestern and southwestern parts of the yard. By doing so we have placed the playgrounds and leisure areas in the most sunlight exposed area of the plot - the exposre is southwest oriented.

Access to the building is via a network of allyes. We have designed a roundabout for a car stay without the possibility of parking, which will be connected to the underground parking. By doing so, road access will be limited exclusively to the northwestern part of the plot.


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